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The year is almost over. If you’re reading this, congratulations, you’ve survived Covid-19, recession, stock market crash, election year, 2 tornadoes, straight line winds, unrest in America, and isolation.

But guess what? If you own a business, especially a healthcare one, now is not the time to sit back on your laurels to wait for next year. You can never let your guard down. The criminals are finding more ways to get your data. They work 24/7 and never take a vacation.

New threats are being released constantly. Ransomware has increased over 600% since March of this year. The criminals creating the Ransomware know healthcare companies absolutely have to pay to get their information back for their clients, unless the company has up-to-date security and processes in place to protect against such attacks.

A newly named threat is Emotet spam. Emotet spam is where your email or domain name is hijacked to send out spam and other more sophisticated malware to your contacts and business associates. Emotet is an improved threat from the past where your contacts are stolen and poor imitations of letters of companies such as PayPal, Bank of America, or Apple are sent out requesting a password change, or banking information.

Since people trust your name, email and business domain they are more likely to open your email without thinking about it. Even legitimate sections of real email are included. And…. the infection has begun. The malware is automatically installed and attempts to shut down your internet security. The program begins stealing and/or encrypting data, replicating and being resent out , sniffing for open ports to infect other computers on the intranet (internal network) or internet (external internet).

To help avoid all this…
Make sure you have current, ongoing full backups so if they do access your system you can restore your system to the way it was prior to your system being infected.
Have a monitoring system for your email and a training program for your employees so they can recognize these type emails when they get them.
Contact your webmaster to check your domain name and make sure they have a process in place to keep you from being infiltrated.

If you want to check if your email or domain name has been affected yet, you can click on the link below for the ones that have been found to date: https://www.haveibeenemotet.com.

Have a great October, a safe Halloween, and try to stay sane during the last month of election ads.

Call us at 615-443-4842 if you have any doubts as to whether or not you have the appropriate systems in place to protect your company from Ransomware.

All the best and stay well,

Jim Nay

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