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Nay & Associates, LLC – Business Continuity

Nay & Associates, LLC has been managing business continuity since 2001. Prior to starting this company, the owner, Jim Nay, worked for large companies, both national and international in scope.

Key focus areas include:

  • Business continuity to protect against ransomware, human error, and natural disasters
  • Managing company changes during mergers;
  • Managed computer services,
  • Assisting franchises in conforming to state and federal laws;
  • Consolidating databases,
  • Specialty programming and forms development;
    • For business mileage tracking, I use Triplog
  • Remote computer and server management

In working with franchises, Mr. Nay determined that there was a market for services designed to benefit small, growing companies at a reasonable price. We now provides Middle Tennessee with a unique expertise in managing growing companies. While Nay & Associates primary focus is in Wilson and surrounding counties in Tennessee, we currently serve clients in multiple states from Arizona and Alabama to Nebraska and New Jersey through secure remote managed computer services and repair.

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Nay & Associates, Computers  Networks, Lebanon, TN

Nay & Associates uses PayPal as our Preferred Merchant Payment Site.

With over 100 million users in 190 countries, PayPal is recognized by customers, clients, and shoppers as the #1 secure way to purchase goods and services. Merchants never have access to your credit card information and the payment process is simple and fast!

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