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How Much Internet Speed Do You Need?

What's all the fuss about internet bandwidth? How much is enough? How does it affect you? Just think about all the electronic devices used in your home or business - computer(s), tablets, cell phones, smart TVs, FireTV, Chromecast, Blueray/ DVR, baby monitors,...

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Purchasing A Computer

This month I am giving you a few pointers in purchasing a new computer. Here are some questions that should be asked: First things first, what is your budget? Do you want the portability of a laptop, a desktop with a large, multiple screens? Or, maybe a laptop that...

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How to Stop A Popup Window from Locking your Computer

Have you ever clicked on a link and a popup window locks your computer? You know how frustrating it can be can be especially in the middle of your work day. In addition to being a frustrating experience, it can cost you time (and money). So this month I am giving you...

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