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Is My Printer Broken?

Does this sound familiar? Your printer is misfeeding...again. You clear the paper jam and try to print your document. Now it's working fine...for a couple of pages. Then it jams again and you start over. Then a few more pages print. Ugh, jammed again. Is it time to...

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Here, There and Everywhere

What does an international cruise ship, a local business in Mt. Juliet, a warehouse in Nashville and the state of Colorado have in common? Last week, I received a text from a local business owner while they were on a cruise ship near Ireland. The owner was notified...

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Weeds and Misdeeds. Gardens and Computers.

It's that time of year for gardens and computers. Gardens need to be prepped each year to receive the best harvest. This means removing last year's dead growth, fertilizing, breaking up the soil, planting the correct crops and maintaining the correct amount of water....

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Computers, Mobile Phones and Spring Cleaning

It'll be spring soon and with that comes Spring Cleaning! Spring is a great time to set your devices up to optimize your workspace for the year. Here are some quick tips to having a more responsive device whether you have a smart phone, a Chrome book, iPad, laptop or...

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Email Backup…Is It Necessary?

Should you have to back up your email? After all, your email is stored on Google, Apple, ATT, Charter, Amazon, or some other server. (See "My Inbox Was Just Deleted" article.) Did you know, if you read the fine print, that none of them take responsibility for your...

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Do You Really Need A New Phone?

Should you get a new phone for you or others in your family? It would be nice to have new phone with a shiny box, but it may not be necessary and may not eliminate phone issues. You've had your Android/iPhone for a few years, but lately It's been getting...

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Cause and Effect

The weather is warm and wonderful this week, but next week a front is coming in that will change everything to make it seem more like fall. Businesses have had to deal with changes over the past couple of years too with Covid, supply chain issues, wars and now...

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Fall Follies

I hope you are enjoying the comfortable, quiet, fall weather we've been having. No extreme weather in this part of the country. There are few worries with the electricity going out, or your business being blown away or flooded. However, there are still the Fall...

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