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October 14, 2025. That’s when Windows 10 will no longer be supported. That date is so far off in the distance, why worry about it now?

If your computer is running Windows 10 and everything is working well, there’s no rush.

If your computer is starting to have issues (i.e. needing a new hard drive) or you’re thinking about buying a refurbished computer that date can make a big difference.

There are two ways to check whether or not your computer can be updated to Windows 11:

1. Press the Windows logo key + S or select Search, type “update” and select Update from the list of results. There is a section that says your computer meets the hardware requirements to upgrade to Windows 11 or it says it is not able to upgrade.

2. If you haven’t yet, install the PC Health Check app here. The link will automatically download the PC Health Check program, then left-click to install. Once the app is installed, press the Windows logo key + S or select Search and type pc health check and select PC Health Check from the list of results. Select Check now.

If your computer meets the requirements, you can safely upgrade to Windows 11 now. If there’s any issue with software compatibility after the upgrade, the system can be reverted back to Windows 10 within 10 days.

If your system is not compatible, then you should look into purchasing a new computer, not a refurbished one. Normally refurbished computers can be a good buy, but not in this case.

Refurbished computers may sound great and you may get them at a great price, but in most cases they do not have the latest security hardware to allow the upgrade to Windows 11. The seller is not required to tell a buyer this. The processors may be too old, there may not be a TPM 2 security chip on the motherboard, or other hardware issue. So buying a refurbished computer now is a diminishing return. They will more than likely not be supported after that October 14, 2025 date.

Almost all businesses I’ve known in the past 20 plus years cut costs during tough times, but in this case it is more prudent than ever to think ahead or the cost-cutting efforts you are making now could cost you much more in the long run.

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All the best and stay well,
Jim Nay

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