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Welcome to the world wide web. I’ll bet that sounds old. Everything is now the internet, or just the net. But as a reminder, it really is the world wide web. Which means not only do you have access to places across the world, the world has access to you and your business.

That brings us to the war in the Ukraine. Although it’s half way around the world and we hear about it on the news, probably gripe about grocery prices, inflation, and gas prices, overall we just go about our business.

That’s a big concern for you and your business. The threat vectors that affect the internet in the Ukraine, such as hackers, ransomware, denial of service attacks which crash government websites, social media attacks, ransomware, just as easily can attack your business or home.

Prior to the war, over the past 18 months, there was an increase of Cyber-attacks by over 423%. It had increased in the months leading up to the war, then has increased even more since the start. The average cost to a small to medium sized business’s (SMB’s) that have been hacked is 50-60 thousand dollars. 60% of hacked SMB’s go out of business within 60 months.

Indirectly, by viewing the statistics on a website, the attacks can be seen. If you have a WordPress website, you can install the Wordfence plugin to view the statistics on your website.

Below is a a sampling just one week of attacks on the www.jimnay.com website. I have a small company in the middle of the US. It has multiple layers of protection. Compare this to yours. The attacks are coming not just from Russia/Ukraine but from, China, Singapore, the Netherlands, etc.

The same type of nation-state hackers are using a 3 step process to infiltrate business networks to make money.

The first hacker deposits a “nugget” a small code that allows access to the computer. It can sit unnoticed for over 200 days by defensive software. The hacker then sells the information to a second hacker

The second hacker remotes in and steals usernames, passwords, email information, sensitive information. That information is then sold. Access is then given to a third set of hackers.

The third set of hackers set up ransomware and hold your business hostage.

By breaking down the attacks into different hacker sets, it makes it extremely difficult to catch the perpetrators.

What you can do to protect yourself.

Defensive protection

  • Keep your systems patched and updated.
  • Install antivirus protection
  • Use DNS protection
Offensive protection

Use pro-active protection that actively searches for hackers and can isolate the affected computer from the rest of the network and remove the attack vector.

Nay & Associates, LLC has several defensive and offensive solutions available to protect your business users and data. Call 615-443-4842 or send an email to jnay@jimnay.com for more information.

All the best and stay well,
Jim Nay

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