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Remember last year at this time? Getting kids ready for school. Going on vacation, or coming home from one. Starting a new project at work. All normal.

Now the new normal. Schools online, working from home. loss of jobs. No day care. Mask requirements wherever you go. Limited eating out. Constant uncertainty.

But we can be sure of one thing…crooks and scammers haven’t taken time off and they are still working full time. Take for instance Garmin. Their services were down worldwide for nearly 4 days. Garmin reportedly paid a multi-million dollar settlement to get their systems back online. It didn’t matter if Garmin employees were ill or laid off.

If your business couldn’t afford ransomware or backing up before the challenges of 2020, can it afford to be unprotected in a more fragile environment now? Pricing for backup software and backup equipment is very competitive now. Shouldn’t your business be proactive and protect yourself and your clients?

So, what are your options for protecting against ransomware?

After years of testing different options to prevent ransomware, we have found Webroot® to be one of the better solutions. Webroot is a cloud-based option that automatically schedules updates to their software, performs cleanup and backup of any changing files. It also recognizes ransomware and will roll back to the last good file before ransomware was detected.

It can be used for both home and corporate applications. Also, since it is a cloud-based application it takes up very little space on your computer. Norton and McAfee can take up to 1GB of your hard drive space, and you also have to deal with their annoying popups trying to sell you something. Another thing to consider is Webroot is half the price of Norton and McAfee.

Wouldn’t it be great to have one less thing to worry about in this new normal world? Let your clients know you have their best interests at heart during troubling times and protect your own data. This may make the difference whether you have clients when times are better.

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All the best and stay well,

Jim Nay

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