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What does an international cruise ship, a local business in Mt. Juliet, a warehouse in Nashville and the state of Colorado have in common?

Last week, I received a text from a local business owner while they were on a cruise ship near Ireland. The owner was notified that their computer in Mt. Juliet could not access a warehouse computer in Nashville, therefore orders could not be placed by their customers. This could have been disastrous for the company with a lot of unhappy customers. It could also have resulted in a potential loss of business.

The assistant covering for the owner was in Colorado working remotely. I was in Tennessee. Even though we were both working remotely, I was able to walk the assistant through what she needed to click on to access the right remote computer.

In a nutshell, I was able to coordinate the rebooting of the warehouse computer, the logging in from Colorado and saving the owner’s vacation all within a few hours because their company remotely maintained the computers involved.¬†As a result, customers were once again able to place and receive their orders. So everybody was happy.

If the company did not have their computer systems set up to work remotely, the results would have been much different. It could have been a customer relations disaster for the company.

What would happen with your company given the same scenario as above?

Would you have the ability to resolve a similar issue quickly?

If you want to relax a little more, either on vacation or while juggling other issues, we can assist with the computer/networking/connection protection and access. We will work with you to implement a system for accessing your computers remotely and give you more peace of mind for when you are away from the office.

We strive to build a personal relationship with our clients. This ensures when something goes wrong and you need support, we can get it resolved quickly. This makes it easier and less stressful for you because you are dealing with someone who has taken the time to get to know and understand your business.

All the best and stay well,
Jim Nay

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