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Avoiding Charity Scams

Tragedies and scammers go hand in hand. Covid-19, the flooding in western middle Tennessee, and Hurricane Ida have all contributed to an influx of scammer's websites looking for "donations" to be given to the affected. The problem is, very little or none of the...

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Time For An Upgrade

Normally this time of year, I hear from clients asking if they should upgrade their computers or purchase a new one. This year with Windows 11 being released in October, there are some extra things to keep in mind. Due to the upgraded hardware security requirements by...

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A Valuable Lesson

Have you ever wondered what your work (or life) was like 15 years ago, and wanted to step back in time because you thought it was better or simpler? I had that opportunity last week, not by choice though. My remote access program Kaseya VSA was shut down to avoid...

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Protecting Your Computer Equipment

June is upon us. Heat, humidity, thunderstorms, lightening, power fluctuations, flash flooding are all a part of southern life this time of year. Before heading out for a vacation (can I say that word while Covid-19 is still lurking about?) make sure to protect your...

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Adapting To Change Quickly

May is the time for change. Spring has sprung. Kids are graduating from high school and college. Brides are preparing for June weddings. Some pre-COVID activities are coming back. But it has been tough for a lot of people this past year. For example, my son and his...

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Comcast and Floods

It's one of those months where I got frustrated. It has been a challenging week. A few of my clients were affected by the Comcast outage and the floods. My home business system was also impacted, but I was prepared. (For more information on the flooding issue, look...

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Spring Cleaning

It'll be spring soon and with that comes Spring Cleaning! If you haven't already set up regular times to complete electronics cleaning…now is a good time. Here are some quick tips to having a more responsive device whether you have a smart phone, a Chrome book, iPad,...

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Keep Your Heart In Tiptop Shape

What does it take to keep a heart running for as long as possible? Eating well, exercising, reducing stress, controlling your cholesterol and blood pressure are all things that should be done on a regular basis. Nowadays, there is also the heart of the home and the...

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There’s Always Hope

Happy New Year! With all that went on last year - Covid-19, passwords hacked, shortage of goods, political turmoil and the Christmas bombing - it may be hard to get going this year. Maybe I can provide a positive perspective from the tech side of things. Hardware is...

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Is Everything Up To Date?

Are you being reactive or proactive this year? Most small businesses (and residential) proactively patch their servers, desktops and mobile devices by regular automatic updates throughout the year. Because many rely on automatic updates, some updates may be missed....

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