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Is Everything Up To Date?

Are you being reactive or proactive this year? Most small businesses (and residential) proactively patch their servers, desktops and mobile devices by regular automatic updates throughout the year. Because many rely on automatic updates, some updates may be missed....

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Buying A New Computer?

A question I get over and over again is, "What should I be looking for when buying a new computer?" Purchasing a new computer is something that does require some thought and I am always happy to help with that decision. Here is the answer I usually give... First, if...

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Scary Times Ahead. Don’t Your Guard Down!

The year is almost over. If you're reading this, congratulations, you've survived Covid-19, recession, stock market crash, election year, 2 tornadoes, straight line winds, unrest in America, and isolation. But guess what? If you own a business, especially a healthcare...

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What’s Up With Your Email?

I often hear "I want to change my email”. That's great! Let's do it. Now I just need to know what you mean. Do you want to change your address, provider, account, service, or program? What part of your email do you want to change The majority of people don't realize...

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How To Stop The Crooks and Scammers

Remember last year at this time? Getting kids ready for school. Going on vacation, or coming home from one. Starting a new project at work. All normal. Now the new normal. Schools online, working from home. loss of jobs. No day care. Mask requirements wherever you go....

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My Inbox Was Just Deleted

Recently, I had a friend call me about an issue with all of his inbox email suddenly being deleted. In this case, it was an Apple iCloud email address. He indicated that it was his birthday and he had received several well wishes from friends, as well as a Facebook...

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Zoom, Skype, and Our New World

Zoom, Facetime, Skype? Time for church? Jump on Facebook Live. Then there is Microsoft Teams for work only. How do I share my screen? Confused yet? Me too.  It can be overwhelming navigating this new world we are living in. But the good news is you can learn how to...

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Toilet Paper, Electronics Shortages…and more!

Toilet paper shortages, meat shortages, and panic buying are all in the news. Serious situations that could become worse before they get better. One thing not in the news? Electronics shortages such as solid state drives, laptop batteries, laptops and desktops. Over...

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What Do You Need To Backup?

Some of you will take this advice, most won't. It's a topic most people avoid talking about, but your business or loved ones will be affected no matter your individual decision. Over my time in business, I've had clients pass away, or their business locations...

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Dealing With A Disaster

If you're local, you know of the recent devastation of the tornado this past week. Our prayers go out to clients, friends and others adversely affected. It's great to see how locals and those from surrounding states have jumped in to help and comfort one another. And...

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