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I often hear “I want to change my email”. That’s great! Let’s do it. Now I just need to know what you mean. Do you want to change your address, provider, account, service, or program? What part of your email do you want to change

The majority of people don’t realize all that is going on behind the scenes with their email or that making a change may include several other email functions.

If you just want to change your email from 123@gmail.com to 345@gmail.com, that’s not a problem…if you’re just going to gmail.com to sign in and check your email. There is nothing you have to do other than let everyone know you changed your email address by including it in your signature.

If you have that same 123@gmail.com email address set up to automatically download to your computer, then there are a few things that need to be considered.

You need to know the settings of your internet provider to set up the new email on your computer. You need to know if it’s POP3, IMAP or SMTP. You also need to know the ports and security level (SSL or TLS).

You can Google the email settings for your email host. For example, do a search on “email settings gmail” to get the information for your Gmail account. You can also sign into your hosting account to get the settings.

Once you change your email, make sure you test it to see that you can send and receive emails. Send one to yourself from a different email that’s outside your organization if you are doing it for your business.

If you are not doing it for your business, you can just have a friend send you an email to test it and respond to their email.

The other scenario is you want to download a Gmail account to Microsoft Outlook 365. The issue is Google will not allow you to download it unless you change your account setting in Gmail to allow a less secure program to retrieve email from Gmail’s servers.

But, be aware that Gmail automatically changes it back to only allowing secure programs after a certain period of time. So every few months you will need to go back in and reset it.

Sometimes after you change the setting in Gmail, they will send you a warning email letting you know you’re allowing less secure programs to have access to your account. But since you want to download your Gmail to Outlook 365, you don’t have to do anything when you receive this email.

The following will give you a better understanding of the various parts that make up your email behind the scenes. Your email may contain some or all of these:

– Email Address – a unique identifier to you (i.e. yournamehere@company.com)

– Email Provider – The company that provides the servers and software that handles your email routing both sending and receiving. It’s the same people in your email account (Yahoo, Google, Microsoft) that’s the major company.

– Email Account – your relationship with the company (i.e. Yahoo. Google, Microsoft, etc.) providing your email address. This includes your storage space, functionality and features such as cloud storage services, messaging services, calendaring, contacts among others.

– Email Service – Also known as webmail. It’s where an email provider provides the web location for checking your email online. Think Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo.com, etc.

– Email Program – desktop software physically located on your computer. The program collects and downloads email from your provider from their email service. Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird are some examples of email programs.

Now, let’s try this again…. What part of your email do you want to change?

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