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It’s that time of year for gardens and computers.

Gardens need to be prepped each year to receive the best harvest. This means removing last year’s dead growth, fertilizing, breaking up the soil, planting the correct crops and maintaining the correct amount of water.

After all that, the plants start growing. But so do weeds. And then pests come along tearing up your garden. Without maintenance, weeds can choke out the growth of your crops and pests wipe out the harvest. Weather can also adversely affect the crop.

The same thing happens with computers over time.

When you purchase a computer, it has to be set up. Then all the updates and programs you use will need to be installed and maintenance schedules set up. Protection needs to be added to prevent threats and hacking.Transfers of older saved files need to be moved to the new location while weeding out those that are no longer needed.

Once the computer goes online, the computer is assualted with constant outside pressure to allow bad actors to infiltrate your system. Hackers can steal data and take over your computer turning it into a zombie or bot. They can also encrypt your data and hold it for ransom.

In order to protect your garden, pesticides or insect resitent crops could be used. Inspection and removal of pests or disease should be done on a frequent, regular basis in order to have the largest crop yield. The ground needs to be checked for moisture and weeds manually removed.

Over time, though, pests become resistant to insecticides. Diseases adapt to the plant protection with devasting results. Farmers can buy crop insurance to help offset losses that occur as a result of any of the above.

In order to protect your computer, hardware and software security needs to be added. In the past, firewalls, antivirus software and backups were used.

Today, that’s not enough to protect your computer from emerging threats. The past products are necessary but with the nature of the new threats, one must be proactive in order to protect your system.

Programs like Huntress and Conceal Browser are necessary to further ensure your protection. Huntress actively searches for real-time hacking attempts. Conceal Browser protects people from unknowingly clicking on malicious links.

Webroot DNS compliments Conceal Browser. Webroot DNS checks weblinks against a list of known malicious links and stops those links from downloading from webpages.

Conceal Browser on the other hand, is considered a zero-trust browser protection. If a link is suspicious, Conceal Browser will nofify the user and open the link in a “sandbox- an area that is isolated from the rest of the system” so that the user’s system is protected.

All of these types of protection are necessary in today’s world. Many insurance companies require these protections in order to cover their clients against cyberthreats.

If the business hasn’t taken the proactive steps to protect their systems and data, cyber insurance may refuse to pay out in a cybercrime attack.

Harvest time in the garden with proper care results in a bountiful crop.

Harvest time in the computer world means a smoother, faster computer, clean data, and higher productivity.

If you’re not a gardener… we can’t help you.

If you’re not a computer nerd, we can take care of the computer protection and maintenance for you.

All the best and stay well,
Jim Nay

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